Pretty Pears

It’s kind of ironic that in my previous post, I lamented the challenge of desserts for Sunday Supper.  This is an old favourite (literally) which reflects my preference for desserts that are easy, peasy, fresh and seasonal. It’s not often that I go shopping. Yes, it’s true. I hate shopping and a gazillion years ago, … More Pretty Pears

Gandalf’s Gambols – I

The Cat’s Mother’s affair with JRR Tolkien’s Gandalf began in 1976, at school.  Her class teacher read the story aloud, to the English class;  she recalls listening, rapt, to every last syllable of Bilbo Baggins’ travails.  To the then thirteen-year-old, yet-to-be Cat’s Mother, Gandalf’s presence was significant and omnipresent; other characters, she confesses, faded into … More Gandalf’s Gambols – I