A posy for Rosie

As a little girl, I had always wanted a kitten.  My father did not like cats, so I was in my early twenties when my first kitten arrived.  I’ve had cats, or should I say, cats have deigned to be in my life ever since.  My first ginger, Comfrey, elected to stay with the new tenant in a flat I moved from.  My second cat was a tortoise shell.  Calico, a rescue who chose me, was my constant for ten years, through times of turmoil, pain and uncertainty, in three different towns and more house moves that I can remember.  Tasha, too, at nineteen, had been with us for more than ten years when she died.

So, Rosie, also a tortoise shell only spending eleven months with us, and leaving a life time of memories, has left an indelible mark.

day 1
I called her Rosie because her nose was black with a little pink centre.
tiny rosie
Irrepressible and curious from the moment she got home and ventured out of the basket.
trying to make friends
Not afraid of the Ginger Monster
A cricket fan
A cricket fan
Office assistant
Rosie working
Taking a break
Really getting into things
Really getting into things
The building inspector
The building inspector consulting with the supervisor
and the stamp of approval
The stamp of approval
Finalising the paper work
Finalising the paper work
It was hard work!
And once it was done, letting it all hang out…
The bag lady
Watching the world go by
Watching the world go by
She grew into a beautiful girl
A beautiful girl

A year ago this month, Rosie didn’t come home and sleep at the foot of the bed;  in the morning, she didn’t come for breakfast.

They found her in a culvert across the road from our house.  She’d been hit by a car.  She wouldn’t have known, so she didn’t suffer.

Angels left this posy in our watering can later that day.

Posi for rosi

Rosie’s angel hangs in our bedroom window;  she still watches over us and the village.


10 thoughts on “A posy for Rosie

  1. Agh thats sad Fiona. Rosie must have been an adventurer and sounded
    like she was a real character. I would love to have cats, but sadly
    my husband is allergic to them. So instead we have a beautiful golden retriver
    and in two weeks time will a new puppy.
    Really enjoy your blogs.


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