Making do – II

I have really been busy lately.  Travelling, juggling two new projects and then it’s all catching up with me in the form of a head cold.  The upshot of this is that I lost my grip – on the pantry – again!

On the menu was supposed to have been courgette pasta.  The first step in preparing this meal is, always, getting out the pasta pot, weighing the pasta, and setting the water to boil.  I knew that I was due to make pasta, but was sure that we had enough for one meal.

Ha! And that was where I was wrong – we were short about 70 grams.  Not even enough for one of us – I would have happily had vegetables and no pasta.  I didn’t have a plan B.  It had to be plan Z.  Potato wasn’t going to work.  If it was to stay Italian-ish, what about risotto?

Nope, it would take too long, and besides, the chicken stock was frozen.

Ok, so not risotto, rice was still an option, but the flavours would have to head east to work satisfactorily with Basmati rice.  Rice cooking, it was back to the fridge.

2014-02-09 09.53.17-1

Robot peppers



The makings of a stir fry!  And I knew that there were cashew nuts in the pantry, as well as mushrooms and coriander sprouts in the fridge, so I set to work.  The cashews were dry roasted and set aside.  The vegetables were julienned and the brinjal sautéd first, and once mostly cooked, the rest of the vegetables joined it in the wok.  A clove of garlic was crushed, ginger grated, basil and onion leaves fetched from the garden. By the time the vegetables were ready, so was the rice.  This was added to the mixture in the wok, as well as the grated ginger and crushed garlic.  Then I added a dessert spoon of vegetable stock concentrate and a similar quantity of tomato paste.  Once that was mixed in, I added the chopped basil and onion leaves and the cashews.  Supper was ready!

Capsicum rice with cashew nuts

Capsicum rice with cashews

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