People and spaces – I

On the 6th of December, at the bidding of Guust Flater, we headed to the home of a Dutch couple who settled in McGregor during 2013.  An auspicious evening for them:  it is on the 6th of December that Sinterklaas delivers gifts to Dutch children.

Guust Flater's invitation
Guust Flater’s invitation

What a celebration of people, their home and their heritage.  Their house is perched at the top of a hill with magificent views – every which way you look.


And on the veranda:


The carefully chosen menu consisted of their favourite and traditional Dutch dishes;  the taste of another home and another country, lovingly shared with us.

J&C_Menu_2014All accompanied by local wines from the McGregor and Roberson valleys.

As perfect as our meal, was the spectacular sight of the full moon rising over the valley.


That full moon was high in the sky when we left the table and bade farewell to our marvellous hosts and a lovely evening.