Pearli’s Pickles – II

When we were having breakfast on the veranda, on Christmas Eve, Pearli, as she does, appeared from nowhere.  She didn’t seem quite herself, and after a mandatory cuddle-cum-inspection from the Cats’ Mother, which revealed nothing immediately untoward, she slunk off into the shade.  Later that day, she emerged, apparently none the worse for wear, and had a big drink and a huge quantity of food.  We thought nothing of it.

Then, on Christmas day, we notice that she was hopping along on three legs.  Again, closer inspection, not wildly resisted, revealed nothing broken and no swelling.  Her velvety nose was cold, she still had a good appetite.  She hadn’t lost her spunk and a day or so after Christmas, competently supervised the hanging of our new blinds (re-purposed coffee bags – in case you were asking).


A few days later, I discovered that she did, in fact have some sort of lesion on the leg and enlisted help to clean it up.  Well, that was interesting because the “tiger” in Tiger Pearl erupted, like the abscess.  That upset us all, not least Melon who was very concerned about the Cats’ Parents manhandling her now-happily-adopted sister.  The process was repeated a couple of times and tea tree oil applied.  Soon Pearli was back walking on all fours and her wound healing nicely (never having lost her appetite or her penchant for hunting). She was even beginning to forgive the Cat’s Mother for the manhandling…

And then, two or so days  later, the limp reappeared and the leg began to get a bit puffy again. As before, there was no other change in behaviour or appetite.  Monday morning, after New Year, with no improvement, the Cat’s Mother conducted an inspection.  Just as well, another abscess had burst;  in a different spot, so this time, rather than waking the Tiger, it was off to the vet.

A general anaesthetic kept the Tiger asleep and revealed a third abscess.  A very, very grumpy Pearli came home with a bandaged leg, of which she disposed in less than forty eight hours.  She was definitely on the mend.  Other than being a little bald, her little leg is well healed!

Pearli_Pickle_CollageJan2015And she’s up to her usual trick of leaping up to our bedroom window, and surveying the world from the sill, before coming in, to bid us good morning.


Then she heads down the stairs to find her breakfast.

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