Little Creatures – I

Just a few days ago, WordPress told me that I’d hit my first anniversary on the platform.  A little early, I thought, and then realised that it had taken me a few days between signing up, fiddling about and actually publishing.  I had already been contemplating what I might write about in celebration of this milestone.  Something along the lines of my first post?  Hmm… P’raps not.  Even though I’ve got a stash of foodie things, I’ve been having a bit of fun learning how to “drive” my new camera.  Someone thinks that South African creatures sit still long enough for me to photograph them….

I wish that were so!

These pictures and of the swallows were rather hit and miss.  Many more misses than hits.  The swallows were with my old Kodak and the bees with my new phone….  With my new camera I’ve begun to learn how to take better photographs – still quite hit and miss, but with a few more “hits”.  Here are some:

This not-so-little-chap was actually sitting still. Must have been thirsty!
A very bullish Red Bishop weaver bird in the feeder, still in his glorious breeding plumage. A bit blurry. Not sure if that was his feathers or the photographer….
Sunbird feasting on aphids. Now I need to get one of him in the sun – glorious green and red plumage.
Mr and Mrs Cape Sparrow
Mr and Mrs Cape Sparrow
Cheeky little wagtail grubbing around
Gossamer-winged dragonfly about to be set free
Gossamer-winged dragonfly about to be set free

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