In the pink

The last week has to have been one of the most stressful I have ever experienced.  Nothing specific, but quite insidious:  an interesting project, for a difficult client represented by even more difficult people.  ‘Nuff said. I got to Tuesday and needed Friday.  It was one of those days of constant, stupid queries and interruptions that ended with nothing constructive having been achieved.  The best part of the day were sundowners in the garden. Spritzer_Pearli_Mar2015 But on Monday, I had been in the pink.  There is an enterprising individual in the village who grows fabulous fungi and on Sunday, he posted on our community notice board that he had harvested some.  Were there any takers? OysterMushRaw_Mar2015 Who could resist? So we had two particularly spectacular suppers this week (one of which I forgot to photograph, so I’ll have to make it another time and share it then).

Two Pesto Fabulous Fungi Pasta

As you know, I make my own pasta, and we eat it roughly once a week.  These wonderful mushrooms, with their more robust flavour than buttons, seemed to be the perfect accompaniment. After de-stalking them, they were slowly sautéd in a mixture of olive oil and butter and then tossed in Pesto al limone e prezzemolo (parsley and lemon pesto).  These were, in turn, plopped on a bed of pasta that had been tossed in a good dollop of olive oil and basil pesto, and topped with chopped chives. TwoPestoFungiPastaSo, I hear some asking, where were the protein and greens to make this a balanced meal? In addition to the egg-rich pasta, the antipasto was an enormous mixed salad which included a goodly amount of white Danish cheese.  I felt that parmesan sprinkled over the pasta and mushrooms would detract from the delicate flavours of the mushrooms. MixedSalad_Feb2015 We had enough mushrooms for two meals.  That other meal:  it was a “pretend” paella which will have to keep for another time because on Thursday, having had very little sleep, I forgot to take photograph of the meal…. With the week behind me, life is good, and here’s a selection of the things that made me smile and kept me sane. March2015 Melon and Pearli doing what they do best, fluffy clouds in a deep blue sky with pink bougainvillea, and a swarm of bees that had made a temporary home in Farmer Judy’s worm farm. © Fiona’s Favourites

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