Magic Melon – II

Little did we know that when we brought Melon home, that she was a beauty queen-in-the-making.  At her then very tender age, visits to the vet for food and inoculations were a regular occurrence.  On one such visit, Vet Nurse who had adopted one of Baby-Mel-in-boxMelon’s siblings, asked how she was doing and the inevitable proud-cat-parent-conversation ensued, at the end of which the Cat’s Mother undertook to e-mail photographs of Melon.  Then we were told that one of the pictures, I think it was this one, became an entry into a cutest kitten competition.

Well, other than thinking that, of course, Melon should win, the entire notion was forgotten and Melon progressed from kitten to “teen kitty”.


Chasing squirrels that were much smarter and faster than she.  She managed the office and cat napped – on the job!

Then Vet Nurse phoned.  Our cat-child had won the competition!  Cat’s Parents should come to collect her prize.

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It was inspected from every angle.

Now grown up, Melon still strikes beautiful poses and the proud Cat’s Father is often heard asking guests, “Do you know that Melon is a beauty queen?”


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