Fishy Festivities

Easter is approaching and it is traditional to serve pickled fish. I have just made a batch – this time with snoek. Anway, I thought I’d share it again even though it does hark back to Christmas!

And if you make it today, the fish will be ready for Saturday, and if you do it tomorrow, it’ll be in time for Easter Sunday.

Fiona's Favourites

The festive season is a favourite time of the year:  we don’t go away, and usually, ahead of Christmas day, I cook myself to a standstill and then we eat the left overs for the next week.  It’s all part of the strategy. For various reasons, it has become our custom to “do” Christmas dinner on the evening of the 25th; one is that I’m not a morning person. The thought of getting up with the chickens to stuff another type of bird and have it cooked to perfection in time for lunch, is for those other feathered friends, the larks!  The other reason has evolved over the years and is apt in McGregor:  it’s just too hot during the day.

The thinking about the meal is as much about the table as it is about the food.  Last year there were eight or nine of us, so our table had to…

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