On my case

Things have been really hectic over the last few months.  It’s almost unbelievable that it’s June and it’s pouring cats and dogs outside.  I’ve a feeling that when the clouds lift, there will be sparkling snow on the mountains around our village.  Suffice it to say that right now it’s cold, wet and miserable.  Since Sunday, we’ve had more than 60 mm of rain, and after a short spell of wonderful sunshine, it’s raining again….


Among other things, my day job has been keeping me really busy – the final (we hope) report went to a colleague for proofreading yesterday.  A necessary evil is travelling between the village and Jozi (aka the Big Smoke or Johannesburg). The compensations, however, are that I do, mostly like my work, and I really like my colleagues. I have been friends with one of these for longer than I’ve known the Husband, so I often stay in her home. It’s a wonderful menagerie and beats, by a million miles, staying in a hotel.

The menagerie consists, until pretty recently, Hairy Harry, the German Shepherd, variously of a couple of chickens, two dachshunds, a gorgeous Great Dane pup, Willow.  She is gangly, bouncy and has to grow into her feet and her face!


And there are six cats – three gingers, a tortoise shell and a couple of others that are difficult to describe.

DebsFivecats2015 And boy, do those gingers get on my case!


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4 thoughts on “On my case

  1. One of your ginger cats–the one curled inside the suitcase–reminds me of our much-missed Big Ol’ Red Cat. Give him a kiss on top of the head for me, will you?


  2. Sorry–had to revisit this and admire Benji again. Our tiger-striped kitten, Fast Eddie, is sitting by the computer screen. I won’t claim he’s admiring Benji–he may sense a bit of faithlessness on my part–but he is watching.


    1. Bwhaha! Benj really is a character! And our Pearli, who often occupies my lap and/or a spot on my desk has braved the rain an gone walkabout in disgust after she was prevented from sharing our breakfast of paw-paw and weet bix​ this morning!


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