Sunny son-days

A delight and highlight in the last few months was the visit from my son from another mother.  He and I both have fond memories of the time he and his Mum and I lived in the same block of flats in Johannesburg, and where she and I became firm JamesandtheGiantPeachfriends.  The Son was just about to turn six.  The first gift I gave him was A A Milne’s Now we are Six and which I tramped the streets to find.  And the other day, I found one of the books he lent me, a million years ago, and which I am sure, he’s forgotten about.

It’s still a good read.

So, when I got a message to say he’d be in South Africa and wanted to come and visit.  I was thrilled.  In his words, “It’s been a while!”

I promised the sights and sounds of McGregor!

“The sights and sounds of a little village? Hmm, yes!”  I could almost hear this well-travelled, city lad thinking.

His weekend began where our week usually ends:  at our local, Carol’s Pub, also known as the OverdraughtPub, and which must the only bar in the world that is graced by a hand knitted pink elephant, presented by a former London bobby!


Saturday also began for us, as it usually does, with my usual stint at the market, followed by a trip up the Road to Nowhere.  Our return to the village was punctuated by a long, lazy lunch at the only winery on that road, and in the most magnificent of settings.


Lunch came to an abrupt end:  there were two important sports matches – one soccer and the other, rugby – that needed to be watched.  We had also planned a real South African braai and to just generally have a quiet-ish evening at home, joined by another friend and rugby fan.  Well, the universe had another plan and the party happily grew.  What a fun evening – braaivleis, rugby, lekker wyn en melktert!*


Sunday started off as Sundays do, in our house, with a late breakfast (The Husband’s speciality of egg, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes – the works).  Then we took a leisurely walk down to one of our (another) favourite spaces in McGregor, the Temenos gardens.


A relatively restful day was supposed to have concluded with sundowners and supper.  Sundowners and supper, and much more!


And so, his last morning arrived and we all needed a good breakfast – some of us were a little more in need of a hangover cure than others….  What better place to enjoy it than in our sunny garden.

HangoverBreakfastAnd so The Son from another mother’s whirlwind visit came to an end.  He returned a week later to make sure he got the koeksisters he had missed at the market, and which he evidently still hankers after!

You can take the Jozi boy out of South Africa, but not South Africa out of the boy!

Next time he visits, it could be a little less hectic….

*barbecue, rugby, nice wine and milk tart.
Melktert is a traditional South African dessert which is a very milky, custard, sprinkled with cinnamon and baked in a pastry crust.

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7 thoughts on “Sunny son-days

  1. Aren’t we lucky! So lovely to get to know your son from another mother a little bit and share some giggles and the Lord’s MCC – truly what the gods sit and sip on the clouds. Except our company is better – imagine all those monumental ego trips. Check out other joys from the area in my article:


    1. We are, indeed lucky! And I’m delighted to report that The Son and his Mother will be visiting in January. As you say, another excuse to explore the place where we live, and which one often misses in the daily grind! Check out other bits of the blog – you will find other things fair and not foul – also mentioned in your article… 🙂


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