Lovely Leftovers – I

I have mentioned that not only do I plan the week’s meals, but that I actually plan to have leftovers.  You may remember my telling you about getting at least three meals (ok, usually for two, but sometimes more of us) from a single roast chicken?  Other than the pizza, those were all summer meals.  Anyway, with winter, cold weather and our most recent roast chicken having stretched a little further than usual, I needed another plan.  I checked what other ingredients I had in the fridge.  No bell peppers, an essential ingredient to the fricassee I often make, and anyway, we’d had that with the first few leftovers.  There were, however, plenty of mushrooms.

“Ah!” thought I, “what about a pie?”

Of course, I keep a roll of puff pastry in the deep freeze, just in case, so chicken and mushroom pie made I:

Some chopped onion and garlic were flung into the trusty-not-so-old wok, sautééd in a little olive oil and butter, until transparent and a little caramelised.  Then I added a goodly quantity of sliced mushrooms – also to sautéé for a little while.  On to this lot, I sprinkled about a tablespoon of flour and some salt and freshly ground black pepper.  Once the flour had cooked a little, I added a decent glug of dry white wine and some full cream yoghurt, and allowed the mixture to cook to a nice consistency.  Finally, I added the chicken, roughly chopped, and stirred it in.  This mixture was divided between two dishes and a pastry “lid” added on top.


The pies were baked in a moderate oven for about 20 minutes to half an hour.

We ate our chicken pies with a chopped tomato and cucumber salad and roasted brussels sprouts that were sprinkled with Debbie’s fabulous dukkah.


The 2014 McGregor Chardonnay made a great accompaniment!

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