Ravioli – Magic with Mushrooms

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There is a “mushroom man” in the village.  He grows the most wonderful mushrooms and supplies local outlets.  Occasionally, he brings them to the market – usually because they haven’t “performed” to order.

The last time, was a pasta-making weekend for me.  Perfect.

Of course, my original plan was to have been sautéed mushrooms and my usual linguine, but as I was contemplating the order of things, it dawned on me that with just-made pasta, it might be an idea to make mushroom ravioli.  It would be my second attempt at ravioli (and a little better planned).

For the stuffing, I sautéed the chopped oyster mushrooms and brown mushroom stalks* in olive oil and butter, with a little finely chopped onion (a shallot would be perfect) and garlic.  After this lot had cooked down, and most of the liquid gone, I added a good glug of a dry white wine and fresh, chopped thyme, and cooked the mixture a bit longer until the liquid had just about disappeared.


This mixture was then puréed and a good dollop of cottage cheese (or ricotta if you wish), finely grated parmesan and chopped parsley, stirred in.

The mushroom stuffing was ready.

Time to make the pasta and the ravioli.


I marked out a sheet of pasta, using a cookie cutter (my largest) and then put a dollop (heaped teaspoon) in the centre of each circle.  Before placing another sheet of pasta on top of the little piles, and cutting the rounds, the bottom pasta layer was brushed with beaten egg.  After each ravioli was cut out, the sides were firmly pressed together with a fork.

Then the ravioli waited, patiently drying until it was time to be cooked.


I served our mushroom ravioli with a white wine and garlic sauce, and a sprinkling of fresh Italian parsley, the perfect accompaniment to one of our a local, lightly wooded chardonnays.


* The caps were reserved another meal.

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8 thoughts on “Ravioli – Magic with Mushrooms

  1. mmmm I can taste them they sound wonderful, will have to try making pasta, for someone who cooks a lot I have never made pasta and about time I did methinks 🙂


      1. I will Fiona even buying fresh pasta is superior to the dried stuff but it’s about time I did fingers crossed I’m sure you will hear about my first effort on my blog 🙂


  2. Hi Fiona,
    It’s Janice from Reflections (soon to be MostlyBlogging.com). Thanks for visiting my site yesterday. I guess I see what you do professionally now. You seem like a great cook as well as a policy maker. Many talents!


  3. This looks amazing! I’m glad I found your blog at Janice’s party. I’m also glad I’ve had dinner, otherwise my tummy would start to growl. No it’s just my mouth watering…


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