Pearli’s Pickles VI

The cold and rain put Pearli into a perpetual pickle. Like all pussy cats, she hates the cold and the wet. She indulges in all sorts of things to stay warm: In the middle of the night, she will beat the Cat’s Mother around the head until she’s invited to sneak under the duvet to snuggle up.  In the early evening, before the Cat’s Mother adjourns to the kitchen to conjure up something for dinner, Pearli hounds her until she sits on the sofa so that she has a warm lap to inhabit.  She starts off, curled up like a songololo, and once she’s warm, the Cat’s Mother is permitted to retire to the kitchen with Pearli remaining on the sofa, fending off the cruel, cold world. PearliHandoverEyesJuly2014Once the fire’s lit, Pearli graduates from the sofa to the closest cushion and, again, starts off doing the songololo impersonation, and as she thaws out, unfurls herself. PearliFireCushionJuly2015 But it’s less the cold that thwarts her than the wet, especially when it’s rained for days, and the ground is waterlogged.  Caught in a rain shower, on the way home from her usual morning tea date, she has been known rudely rush past, grumbling and muttering to herself, not stopping to greet. SAM_3052 What a pickle if she’s in doors, and go out she must. She does, following a great deal of contemplation and protestation.    Here’s a little taster of what goes down before she eventually braves the wet and the cold (with apologies for the Cat’s Mother’s poor cinematic skills!)

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