Cheat’s Moussaka

Regular readers will know that I’m never to be defeated by leftovers and because some of our favourite meals have evolved from leftovers, I actually plan around those meals.  Sometimes, though, we have a surfeit of leftovers, as was the case when we had a dinner party with leg of lamb a little while ago, and which, because it was the height of winter, was not used for the usual cold cuts.  And there was quite a bit left over – more than one meal’s worth.  What to do with the rest?

The usual ritual ensued:  consult the fridge to discover other potential ingredients – brinjal and mushrooms – followed by a similar consultation of the grocery cupboard.  Moussaka was the obvious choice.


Quite simple, really: slice and sauté the brinjal and set aside on absorbent paper.  Slice the mushrooms and saute with a little chopped onion if liked.  Then add about two tablespoons of tomato paste with a little red wine and/or water and then add the leftover lamb, as finely chopped as you’d like, bearing in mind it’s pretending to be mince (ground meat).

A-Z_VegCookingWhile that’s cooking, make a bechamel (white) sauce.  For this sauce, I used whole wheat flour because this “bastardised” moussaka was a combination of a meat dish and the vegetarian version that I make from time to time, and which is in one of my favourite (and oldest recipe books.

Once all the “bits” are ready, assemble in an oven proof dish and bake in a moderate oven for about half an hour.



Perfect for a quick, warm supper on a cold night in front of the TV, with a glass of McGregor’s Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot blend.


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10 thoughts on “Cheat’s Moussaka

  1. My first moussaka was out of my mother’s fancy French cookery book. I did mince the lamb rather than chopping it, but there was no bechamel (or cheese). It was also cooked in a mould eg Charlotte, with the aubergine skins lining it. The lamb, onion, herb, mushroom mix was mixed with eggs to bind it together and set, and the mould was filled with layers of lamb mix and aubergines. Cover top with skins and cook. Turn out as beautiful purple mould, surround with tomato sauce. I was so impressed with it! (and myself;) )


  2. Hi Fiona,

    Well done you with the moussaka. I have to say I also feel so satisfied when making use of nice left overs!! I had a great trip to the UK, despite pretty dreadful weather!! Just lovely to be with family and see old friends! And now it’s nearly Spring but, as I write, we have had thunder and lightening today but funnily enough not much rain!!


    1. Thank you, Jenny. Glad you had a good trip. I got a bit of that storm as I made my way to the airport, on the way to Joburg. Spring has been weird – hot, hot and cold, very cold xxx


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