Little creatures – II

I have, before, shared photographs of little creatures around us.  They are fascinating and living in the country, we see our fair share of them.

Some of them are unidentifiable;  like this chap that looks like a giant mosquito but doesn’t whine, sting or bite.


Master Malachite loves the agapanthus in our front garden.  Always on the move, He’s hard to capture with a mere bridge camera.  This photograph was a surprise;  I could never have imagined that his black and white wings.


Another flying surprise: I had been trying (in vain) to capture the interesting light on the side of the mountain, and was doing so from our front porch.  When I downloaded and looked at the photograph, I discovered an almighty photobomb.

Either Jack or Jill had been heading home.


We are quite accustomed to their swooping under the eaves and around us, so I took it for granted.  Here, she looks enormous, but they are tiny – 10 to 24 cm (3.9–9.4 in).

On another note

I mentioned a not so long ago, that I had gone through a year’s worth of photographs, and that I had been looking for ways of sharing them.  Entering this challenge is one of them.


A bit cheeky for a more-than-rank amateur, but hey, why not?

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18 thoughts on “Little creatures – II

  1. I’ve yet to manage any remotely recognisable bird shot! Or a mosquito or mosquito lookalike. I need larger or slower-moving insects/creatures. Got a decent crane fly once and a few pretty ladybirds. Must post up some bee shots soon though as I think they are vaguely recognise able as bees 🙂


    1. Do that! These, as I mentioned, were mostly flukes. I’ve learned that using the sports settings on the camera helps. But that has its limitations, too. And one has to be patient. I’m not and tend to take pictures in between and/or on impulse.

      BTW, are you seeing the text in black? Something weird has just happened with this them…..I’m annoyed and confused.


      1. And I’ve done nothing to it!! I’ve just been in touch with WP support. They did mess around with the theme. Now they’re sorting it. Sigh…. And enjoy the rest of your day!

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      1. I confess to telling unintentional ”porky pies”. I have just looked in the file and discovered the photo on the lily pad is of two Waterboatmen mating.

        The Mossie photo I have is of a male on a fruit tree leaf from the back garden. It’s still pretty big, though!

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    1. I’m glad. And I have more to come. With you’re going to be on the coast, the sea will offer you a lot. My instagram is mostly cats and food… 😉


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