10 thoughts on “The Dad’s journey to Africa: the beginning

  1. I remember my Grand father’s allotment well. He lived near Peterborough and his allotment produce and the couple of chucks in the hutch in the back garden helped the family through the rationing. I remember him cycling to the allotment and then walking his bike home laden with fresh vegetables.Those were good days, he was a fine man.

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    1. Lovely memory. Those allotments were very important for food security during the war(s). You know, I have a friend who lives in the Wirral and who still has an allotment.


    1. Thank you. I think he was proud of it, I think. He was very humble and self-deprecating. I have to say that I was delighted to find the student record. I have another testimonial from his time in Kenya, and which will form part of the next installment.
      I’m sure you did (understand the asterisked words, that is) 😉 That was in deference to those without British or Scottish proclivities.

      And I’m also having a chuckle about more chicken stories….


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