Humming with hummus

May was an interesting and busy month.  Not just in my day job, but also doing something that was a first for me.  During March, one Saturday morning, minding my stall, as is my wont, Treasurer of a local committee passed by and made small talk with The Husband – probably about the job he’d recently done for them.  When the niceties were done, he turned to me.

“We’d like you to do the snacks for our AGM.”

Er, what?

“We’d like you to do the snacks for our AGM.”

I thought I’d learned when to say no.  Evidently not, because I heard something completely different coming out of my mouth:

“I’m sure I can, just let me know the date.  If it doesn’t clash with The Day Job…”

Then panic set in:  how many, what type of food, budget, how to cost, how many of each, et cetera, et cetera? Of course, there were the carnivores and vegetarians to consider; neither could contaminate the other.  Treasurer and his wive are vegetarians of longstanding.

Questions answered, Treasurer was advised of what could be done within the budget.  The Chairperson and committee were duly consulted, budget adjusted, numbers confirmed and D-day approached.

Knowing full well that I couldn’t do it all (sometimes (ha!) I have a sense of my own limits), I enlisted the help of Ms Thyme who is, hands down, a much better cook and chef than I (actually, she catered for my most recent significant birthday), as well as another vendor to provide a few things.  The rest I set about doing.  Here’s a “to-do” list that was up in the kitchen which reflects a bit of the “menu”:


And this is what it all looked like, all packed up and ready to go.


Good thing The Husband insisted on a “grown up” sedan with a boot big enough to party in!

So, there was a platter for carnivores, complete with mini meatballs, scotch eggs and devils on horseback (the latter two, my creations).


And one for the lacto-ovo vegetarians, including some gluten free jobs (aka mini frittata – my own recipe), with spanokapita and samoosas.


The table, set, ready and waiting – with the other bits, all duly labelled and flagged to ensure no contamination-I-mean-confusion.


That cheese and nut stack was inspired by a lack of space and Ms Thyme who also lent me the cake stands.  What would one do, if one couldn’t phone a friend?

The response was gratifying and, it seems, my first catering job was a success.


For those who’ve complimented me on my hummus, and which has suddenly in demand at the market, here’s the recipe which is a combination of a few recipes that I’ve used and which is the one I’ve settled on:


2 tins chickpeas (garbanzo beans for those of you’re in the US), or an equivalent quantity dried, soaked and cooked
3 garlic cloves, peeled
90 ml olive oil + extra for serving/garnish
90 ml lemon juice (preferably fresh – then also add some lemon zest for extra zing)
30 ml tahini (I make my own – I’ll tell you how, next time I make some)
100 ml chopped Italian parsley
1 tsp cumin

Drain the chickpeas, reserving the brine.  Put all the ingredients in a medium sized bowl and blend with a stick blender, adding a little brine until the right consistency is reached.

This makes quite a decent quantity, but don’t fret, it keeps well.  When you serve it, put a swirl of olive oil over the hummus and top with a sprig of parsley.

© Fiona’s Favourites 2016

10 thoughts on “Humming with hummus

  1. Good one:)

    When I catered for my father’s wake it was lacto-ovo. Not because anyone else was, just I wasn’t going to do the animal thing. I did stuffed eggs and cheese for the l-o aspect, and the rest was vegan. Nuts, olives, salads, hummus, it’s not difficult. The issue about l-o is are the eggs free range, is the cheese animal rennet free?

    What fascinated me when I ordered catering at work was how fast the veg food went. Is it more tasty? Who can say. But excellent result for you.


    1. Thanks so much, Roughseas.

      I will acknowledge that the eggs were not free range (that is a discussion to have with the ex-poultry farmer husband) and the cheese was a cross between Camembert and Brie and I confess that I didn’t check. Mea culpa. 😦

      As you say, the carnivores always want to taste the veg options but would NEVER consider vegetarianism as a lifestyle. As you say, who can say.


      1. Meant to say, we went to Paris from the UK for a long weekend. We couldn’t book veg food. ‘Just ask for it on the plane’ they said. So we mentioned it on boarding. And surprise surprise. When they got to us, the veg food had gone. What a cackhanded way to run a prestigious airline. Either there was a disproportionate number of veggies on the plane, or all the carnies had opted for veg food. When we refused to eat anything else I think they realised we really were vegetarian. So they plyed us with as much alcohol as possible including giving us bottles to take home. Very generous, but actually, food would have been nice. Especially with so much alcohol being thrown around. Weird. Just weird.

        Out of interest, did most of your veg food get eaten, or are SAs more carnivorishly oriented rather thsn both?


      2. As an omnivore with veg leanings, I am often interested, when I sit at the back of the plane, how often the veg option is up by the time they trolley gets to me. I think, though, that they often use veg as a way of managing other dietary options like kosher and halaal. That said, the latter group tend to stipulate, where it’s possible.

        In answer to your question, I think that the majority of South Africans – and I’m referring to the entire population – are avowed carnivores. However, in the village, and in the bunch that would have attended that event, there’d have been a mix of both and where carnivores would have eaten the vegetarian option because they like food and are often surprised that the vegetarian option is imminently edible!

        As for your description of that prestigious airline, “cackhanded” is rather generous!

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  2. Lovely spread. Your hummus recipe is very close to mine. But just wondering if you have the scotch egg recipe? They look amazing and we can’t buy them here, only make at home.


    1. Haha! Hope they work out well! BTW, wanted to ask how you managed the liquid content of the chilli jam, or did you just make small batch for instant consumption?

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