Small things (not actually)

Late last year, courtesy of a business trip, we had occasion to visit one of our most favourite parts of the world.  Even though it was a flying visit (or perhaps because it was), we re-visited a place that we had spent some time during our honeymoon.  Alas, some of the photographs we took at the time (before the advent of “inexpensive” digital, let alone cell phone, cameras), didn’t come out because the film got stuck at the end of the roll, and we didn’t find out until we had it developed;  None of the photos of our walk up the Knysna Heads came out.

This series of pictures is of that spot, and around it – at the end of a wonderful, leisurely albeit overcast, chilly afternoon.  We spent it watching and listening to the sea, enjoying a glass of wine.


The view from our table, and where, in the distance, cormorants were drying themselves off.


Watching the tide come in, through the magnificently carved holes in the cliffs.




Splashing over the rocks.


I remain amazed that I caught this little splash.


Then we made our way to the top of the cliffs to have a birds’ eye view into the lagoon and over the town.


And to the base of the cliffs, whence we had come.


To watch this little yacht making its way to safety through the treacherous water of the Knysna Heads.


Posts may be a little sporadic over the next while as we enter a busy patch – work and celebrations – and may well be more Scenes made in my sitting room than Food & Entertaining….

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  1. A beautiful place and it always remains that way. We really are lucky to live in such a beautiful country, where every bit if it from coastal to semi arid has its own particular charm.

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