Tremendous Trees – III

Last time I really thought about it, we were heading towards July and The Husband’s celebration.  On Sunday, when I started writing this, it was  a glorious spring day; it’s early September and already there is mention of the number of days, weekends or whatever, to Christmas.  Really?  It seems as though it was just the other day that I was lamenting the demise of summer, and basking in the balmy colours of early autumn.

In anticipation of the end of winter, and because I’m still not getting to spend as much time here as I’d like, thought I’d share some of my favourite photographs of autumn.  On the road between Robertson and McGregor, this avenue of fiddlewood trees borders an orchard of young citrus trees and a vineyard;  one doesn’t notice them until they signal the approach of winter.


Here is one of them in all her flaming glory.


At the entrance to a farm on the Road to Nowhere, another avenue of trees beginning to show off their autumn finery.


It seems like just yesterday I was stashing away photographs of spring, saving them for a rainy day.

Like this one, of an orchard in full bloom, taken just over a year ago, as I was dreaming up my new venture, and The Husband and I were wandering the valley doing some necessary research.


Another pretty avenue of jacaranda and bougainvillea, also at an entrance to a wine farm, this time at the near-end of our journey from a short weekend away.


Hopefully, in the next month or so, things will settle and I’ll return to my weekly post.  Among the things I’m planning to share, is the recipe for a refreshing beetroot Gazpacho – just in time for summer which, the weather people are saying, is going to be a long and very hot one!

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4 thoughts on “Tremendous Trees – III

    1. Hahaha! Beetroot mousse? I cannot contemplate that. One of my worst was favourite served by a friend for every social gathering: a layered jelly salad, consisting of beetroot atop a rather sweet (because of pineapple, methinks).

      You’ll have to wait for the gory details, except to say that it surpassed my expectations (and that of a few others who’ve asked for the recipe)….. Some would say that I should be calling it borscht. Perhaps I should just call it a cold beetroot soup. We shall see… 😉


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