Magic May in McGregor – some random photos

May went past in a flash and for some reason I had my camera on hand more than usual.  As I was going through them, I noticed interesting textures and colours so characteristic of our village and autumn.  Here is a selection.

A gabion wall embracing what will be an outside shower made from shale excavated from the building of the adjacent house.  This amazed me not just for the shape but the quality of the build.  Talented craftsmen.

The house “belonging” to the outside shower has been built on an original “rietdakhuisie” built of brick.  These are all built with mud bricks and the original roofing was reeds harvested from the local river.  Over the years thatch grass has been available and has been added to the roof.  Not always successfully because unless the roof is shored up, the thatch is too heavy – particularly if it gets wet.  This photograph clearly shows the two layers of original reed and the new grass thatch.

This is the north view from the street outside the same property – through the autumn leaves to the hill with the fading McGregor crest carefully set out with river stones now with the paint largely having flaked off.

Before taking you into our garden, this photograph is of a giant Anagama kiln (wood-burning) that was fired up this month after being packed with pottery.

Over three or so days, it burned 5 tons of wood and had to cool for a week before it could be unpacked.  Here you see the flame vent, and the heads of the folk standing next to it, give you a sense of it’s magnitude.


In our garden, the buds of the indigenous A. ferox so named because of this aloe’s ferocious thorns.

Finally, a rare moment when this overgrown kitten is still – it was a hot day and he needed a cool spot.

Gandalf, our grey cat whose wizadry is restricted to a loquacity that annoys the humans and a persistant curiosity that really annoys Pearli.

5 thoughts on “Magic May in McGregor – some random photos

  1. Nice to see you posting again.
    How’s the cooking coming along?

    The craftsmanship … or craftwomanship of the wall is simple marvelous.

    We have the Aloe Vera at our spot and I have just begun using the gel. Great stuff!

    Is it still cold down there?


    1. Ah! Ark! How are you? See my next post and you’ll find out about the cooking!

      That wall is just amazing, isn’t it?

      Aloe vera is good, but if you can get it, A ferox is much better.

      And no, it’s been 29 today. We need the cold and the snow. Again….

      Be well!


      1. When you say ferox is better, are you referring to the healing properties of the gel?

        29!! Sheesh. I love the heat and the cold of a Joey’s winter drives me batty. I never get used to the extremes and I have lived here more than 35 years.


      2. A bit of that and the bits in it: more calcium, selenium and other trace elements. All aloes have healing properties. The other thing about the ferox is that it’s indigenous. Vera is not 😁

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