Read these, too?

Blog pals with whom I share real (not virtual) friendship, i.e. they have been or are a part of my life or a past life….and with whom I still stay in touch.

  • Letters from a Mother is a whimsical view of life, love and the pursuit of happiness, through the words, drawings and artistic musings of a mother – as she writes to her son and his family. That son is good friend, The Baron….
  • American Soustannie:  You can take someone away from Africa, but Africa never leaves them.  Belladonna Took is one such now living in the USA.  Her award winning (Liebster and Versatile Blogger) blog is a (mostly) fun read.
  • Navel-Gazing 101: Briony describes herself as a relentless people-watcher and eavesdropper with itchy feet and a predilection for adventure and stories. And then she chucks in the parenthetical comment that she’s in a wheelchair.  Well, she’s a prodigious blogger, brave woman who’s wheels are firmly on the ground with a zest for life that should be a lesson to us all.  Delighted to have had the opportunity of meeting her, and of serving a Sandbag House supper to her and GM.
  • Crow’s Feet is Michelle Frost’s award-winning blog.  Michelle is school mate of mine, born in Africa, living in Scotland and who is an author and poet

Blogs I’ve discovered through my blogging journey, whose writers have become “blog pals”, and with whom I have the most fascinating virtual conversations.  They are, in no particular order:

  • Where to next? Riding in cars with dogs and What’s cooking on page 32? Peggy’s husband is a former Australian diplomat and they love traveling which tells you about the first blog.  The second is about cooking and has its own story – take a look.
  • Roughseasinthemed by an award-winning journalist and writer whose name, I think, is Kate.  Her name doesn’t matter, I like what she writes.
  • The Drunken Cyclist is an erstwhile tour guide in France (not French) and has been noted as one of the top 100 wine bloggers in the US.  In addition to writing knowledgeably (very) about wine (and being a cyclist), Jeff’s stories of his time in France are often both self-deprecating and hilarious.  He’s being tempted (nagged) to visit South Africa where we have some of the best cycling … ahem … wine….  If he does, we shall sip good wine together, and this blog will shift to the first list…
  • Notes from the UK:  Ellen Hawley is an American author living in Cornwall.  Her perspective on Brits and living in the UK can be both acerbic and screamingly funny.  Having grown up with British parents, and in a society that harks back to Britain, I often see it, them and myself.
  • After Prison: Joe spent seven years in prison in the US.  He’s now working to turn his life around and in the process is helping others.  This is his chronicle.
  • Tribe53 Khutsie is a Motswana woman and self-confessed African Bohemian who has no truck with tribes.  She tackles issues head-on and calls it exactly as she sees it.  She’s often provocative and deals with everyday women’s issues, some of which are as ancient as humanity, but which remain challenging, particularly to the modern African woman.
  • Hugh’s News and Views:  Hugh’s byline says it all:  “A Man with Dyslexia writing about this and that and everything else!”  Actually, it’s the overcoming dyslexia bit that got my attention, first.  I carry on reading what he writes.

This list will grow (or shrink, as the case may be).  My informal criteria for selecting blogs I like reading:

  • topics that interest me
  • people who write what they like
  • what they have to say is compelling – whether or not I agree with them

© Fiona Cameron-Brown 2018

11 thoughts on “Read these, too?

  1. I just saw this, i am really glad to see my blog on your list, i really appreciate your writing (learning quite a lot from you) and your support and your friendship on the wired. Thank you so much for being the light you are. I have nominated you for the Blogger recognition awards, have a look; If you do not respond it is okay, it is just my way of saying kealeboga.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How lovely to be recognised by a fellow blogger and for the words of appreciation.

      This is the second award for which I have been nominated. Please bear with me while I explain: I hadn’t been blogging for very long and was nominated for the Versatile Blogger award. Too much of a newby (or just dof – probably that), I didn’t realise that the nomination was the award. Consequently, I thanked the blogger and tweeted about it, did nothing else about it and moved along. Anyhow, it time, I saw more and more about blog awards and also realised that the majority of my readers are not interested in my blogging journey or blogging at all. So I reserve comments about that to post scripts and the odd comment.

      So thank you again and please accept, by way of my thanks, my having listed Tribe53 as one of my favourite blogs.

      My turn to say, “Kealeboga!”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks so much Fiona, I never realized blogging would be so fun and enlightening and never thought I would meet such great people on the internet. I usually use the nomination to say thanks to those who are kind enough to walk this blogging journey with me.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, wow, and thank you! I am honoured, Trina, that you nominated me. Yes, my blog is award-free – a decision I took because I don’t blog about blogging and I soon learned that the majority of my followers were not interested in my blogging journey. I will visit your post and comment there, too.

      Liked by 1 person

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