In the pink

The last week has to have been one of the most stressful I have ever experienced. Nothing specific, but quite insidious: an interesting project, for a difficult client represented by even more difficult people. ‘Nuff said. … More In the pink

Magic Melon – I

Melon  is unmissable and has featured, wittingly and unwittingly in a few other posts, like this one, so a formal introduction is long overdue.  Meet Ginger Melon MP. Meet Ginger Melon MP. She came home in December 2009; she and her siblings had been abandoned at two or three days old, on the side of a … More Magic Melon – I

Pearli’s Pickles – III

Pearli’s in a pickle.  But she doesn’t know it yet.  She has, even as a tiny kitten, been a trollop.  After a jaunt, she’d rush home and clamber onto the Cat’s Mother’s lap.  Totally pooped. After Rosie, the Cat’s Mother was, admittedly, a little paranoid.  She was to be forgiven though because the little mite was not … More Pearli’s Pickles – III

Pearli’s Pickles – II

When we were having breakfast on the veranda, on Christmas Eve, Pearli, as she does, appeared from nowhere.  She didn’t seem quite herself, and after a mandatory cuddle-cum-inspection from the Cats’ Mother, which revealed nothing immediately untoward, she slunk off into the shade.  Later that day, she emerged, apparently none the worse for wear, and … More Pearli’s Pickles – II

A posy for Rosie

As a little girl, I had always wanted a kitten.  My father did not like cats, so I was in my early twenties when my first kitten arrived.  I’ve had cats, or should I say, cats have deigned to be in my life ever since.  My first ginger, Comfrey, elected to stay with the new tenant in a flat … More A posy for Rosie

A different lens

My original intention, with Fiona’s Favourites, was as a way of sharing recipes and ideas about food and entertaining – at home – and not in the social media.  So, as I approached my fiftieth post, a number of things struck me:  food and entertainment are only part of what I post about.  Fiona’s Favourites has become a … More A different lens