Salad Days I

No, I’m not referring to either my youth or the best days of my life, but rather logical eating choices during the hottest summer in many, many years. Certainly since we arrived in McGregor and when the top temperature was 41ºC (106ºF). … More Salad Days I

Quirky Quinces

Last weekend, great friends from Cape Town were in the village. We don’t often see them, so in celebration, I pulled out all the stops – well, most of them, anyway! I say not quite all because I decided to experiment. As I do. But usually not for a dinner party… … More Quirky Quinces

Veld Kos

My basic cooking and food choices are largely influenced by my English and Scottish background and living in South Africa.  Over the last 20 or so years, as ethnic foods have become both more fashionable and available, it has become easier to experiment with flavours and different ingredients.  My mother cooked “English” food and through a woman who … More Veld Kos