Quirky Quinces

Last weekend, great friends from Cape Town were in the village. We don’t often see them, so in celebration, I pulled out all the stops – well, most of them, anyway! I say not quite all because I decided to experiment. As I do. But usually not for a dinner party… … More Quirky Quinces

Pearli’s Pickles – III

Pearli’s in a pickle.  But she doesn’t know it yet.  She has, even as a tiny kitten, been a trollop.  After a jaunt, she’d rush home and clamber onto the Cat’s Mother’s lap.  Totally pooped. After Rosie, the Cat’s Mother was, admittedly, a little paranoid.  She was to be forgiven though because the little mite was not … More Pearli’s Pickles – III

21 Today!

Milestones tend to get one thinking and reflecting.  When I posted There’s a Mouse in the House, I was astounded when WordPress congratulated me on my 20th post! Today is a milestone: my 21st post. It also got me thinking about how I celebrated turning 21.  I chose to have a garden party – at home. And thinking about … More 21 Today!