Sizzling sisters

There are two types of koeksisters in South Africa;  both are a sweet, deep-fried confectionary.  One has Malay roots and is traditional in the “coloured” community and are rather like a spicy doughnut that is rolled in coconut.  The ones that I make have Dutch roots and are traditional Afrikaans fayre.  Of course, for a … More Sizzling sisters

Making do – 1

I found myself having to make do, about two weeks ago when I returned from a business trip, and came home to find an almost-bare-pantry.  Although I enjoy cooking, I hate coming out of the office, or home from a trip, into the kitchen to ask myself, “What are we going to have for supper?” Often we we do go out for … More Making do – 1

Making do – II

I have really been busy lately.  Travelling, juggling two new projects and then it’s all catching up with me in the form of a head cold.  The upshot of this is that I lost my grip – on the pantry – again! On the menu was supposed to have been courgette pasta.  The first step in … More Making do – II

Roasted pepper pasta

This is a warm pasta salad with roasted  peppers, cilantro and ginger – another of my “made-up” dishes.  I had not made it for a while when I saw Jamie’s recipe for roasted red pepper and walnut spread. This prompted me to make it again. Ingredients: Sweet bell peppers. I generally use robot peppers as that gives great colour variation, … More Roasted pepper pasta