Fred XVI

Coming from British heritage, Christmas is not Christmas without turkey.  This year we did our sixteenth turkey. Don’t know how our turkeys became known as Fred, but that first one did.  It must have been because a turkey takes so long to defrost that he kind of lives with one for quite a while before he’s … More Fred XVI

Making do – 1

I found myself having to make do, about two weeks ago when I returned from a business trip, and came home to find an almost-bare-pantry.  Although I enjoy cooking, I hate coming out of the office, or home from a trip, into the kitchen to ask myself, “What are we going to have for supper?” Often we we do go out for … More Making do – 1

Making do – II

I have really been busy lately.  Travelling, juggling two new projects and then it’s all catching up with me in the form of a head cold.  The upshot of this is that I lost my grip – on the pantry – again! On the menu was supposed to have been courgette pasta.  The first step in … More Making do – II

Roasted pepper pasta

This is a warm pasta salad with roasted  peppers, cilantro and ginger – another of my “made-up” dishes.  I had not made it for a while when I saw Jamie’s recipe for roasted red pepper and walnut spread. This prompted me to make it again. Ingredients: Sweet bell peppers. I generally use robot peppers as that gives great colour variation, … More Roasted pepper pasta