One roast chicken: Three meals – at least

I understand the concern with storing old food for too long. I don’t understand people for whom leftovers are simply not an option.  I plan leftovers…. With just two of us in the household, it’s possible to stretch certain meals into two or three quite comfortably.  Without getting boring.  Planning to have left overs is good for … More One roast chicken: Three meals – at least

Seeing Red!

Colour blocking has been “in” from a fashion perspective for a while.  When we went to Babylonstoren last year, I discovered that they take a similar approach to their juices, salads and salad dressings. Anyway, in advance of Christmas, and for some reason, being fresh out of salad greens, I thought I’d do a red … More Seeing Red!

Fred XVI

Coming from British heritage, Christmas is not Christmas without turkey.  This year we did our sixteenth turkey. Don’t know how our turkeys became known as Fred, but that first one did.  It must have been because a turkey takes so long to defrost that he kind of lives with one for quite a while before he’s … More Fred XVI

Bountiful broad beans

Next to the pea patch, we had a bed of broad beans.  Broad (or fava) beans are another childhood memory:  picking them during a sunny winter afternoon and then shelling them in front of the fire for supper.  We had another bumper crop this year, I am delighted to say, so some are safely stored in … More Bountiful broad beans

Anyone for eggs?

I have always loved eggs. As a little girl, I loved eating Dad’s scrambled eggs; of course I had had my own, but they were much nicer when I perched on his knee, eating them off his plate. He loved his eggs on buttery toast and topped with a good sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper. Another … More Anyone for eggs?