Spiders for Sofia

Last week I was delighted to see a post from a blog pal who had gone silent for a while. I had missed her posts: usually of teeny weeny creatures – magnificent shots. I had promised her, a long time ago, when we’d had a chat (on her blog or mine, I don’t remember) about one of her spiders, that I’d share my discovery that rain spiders have a “headlamp”. … More Spiders for Sofia

Big bird liver

I have mentioned, often, how much I enjoy autumn. There is, however, a chill in the air, so the menu moves to hearty, warm and warming meals. Sometimes, dishes hark back to our respective childhoods, with the key ingredient one that is now mostly shunned. … More Big bird liver

A different rhythm

When I took to my sofa yesterday afternoon, having been cogitating on this week’s post, it was with quite a start that this is my one hundred and fifty first. Perhaps, then, it’s appropriate to mark this milestone by telling you that I’ve taken an enormous leap towards realising one of the things on my 2016 list. … More A different rhythm

A trip into town

It’s not often that The Husband and I head into town on a Saturday and even less so with time on our hands. For some reason, this particular Saturday in April, we took it upon ourselves to head into town and to the nursery. Every time we go to the nursery, we pass this unmissable house. … More A trip into town

Sugar and spice

Those of you who follow my blog know that at the height of summer and into autumn, we are blessed with a surfeit of produce, not just by our own garden, but also by the local farmers who are happy to share produce that they cannot send to market or to the local cannery. here are only so many fresh plums one can eat, variations of plum salad that one can do, so the obvious solution was to bottle or some how preserve them. … More Sugar and spice